Organise your workforce, improve event & project planning, and streamline your payroll system and more, all online in one place.

Mabnet is a Resourcing, Planning and Payroll tool, designed to help you save time, provide a clear view of your business operations, and most importantly, to adapt to the way your business runs.

In the current market, HR systems are developed primarily to manage and handle data, yet when deployed in large corporations, these systems fall short as they are not equipped to provide adequate support and services to other departments in assigning employees or resources to multiple projects and events. Lacking a responsive ‘human’ quality, they do not consider the multitude of variables that can affect project delivery. Also, the inability to audit, track and report in real-time has sparked the need for change.

Mabnet uses a proven IT service model that combines the efficiency of automation with an essential personal side, enabling HR and Operations to meet employee expectations of support and improve customer service. Mabnet allows you to track business operations, measure performance and pay your employees while simultaneously managing the projects they are assigned. Mabnet can be set up in a way that is unique to your business processes and management style unlike off-the-shelf systems.

Mabnet is a powerful tool for any company whose focus is on complying with the General Data Protection Regulation legislation. The systems permissions are built to allow only staff with the correct authority to view fields or categories in each module ensuring that sensitive information is protected internally as well as externally.

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"It is not the strongest of the species that is more likely to survive, but the one that is most adaptable to change"Charles Darwin.



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