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Mabway Ltd is a privately owned, award-winning company, which delivers bespoke training and security solutions to both the public and private sector. Mabway has undertaken a wide range of contracts and projects, providing training and security services in the segments of Defence, Transport and Maritime.

In support of the UK MOD, Mabway has successfully managed the Contemporary Operating Environment (COEFOR) contract, awarded by British Army HQ, since 2012. The COEFOR contract requires provision and delivery of key individual and large-scale collective training and support services to the British Army prior to deployment on operations worldwide.

Mabway has vast experience and knowledge in recreating realistic, ‘mission specific’, training scenarios for British Army soldiers. Training scenarios are tailored by Mabway to meet often complex short-term demand requirements throughout the UK and overseas. These provisions include role-play, cultural and language training, provision of pyrotechnics and highly realistic casualty simulation, to recreate the modern battlefield accurately.

The large volume of manpower required to implement and facilitate a multivarious event strategy across disparate geographic locations, requires Mabway to recruit high volumes of role-players, in order to faithfully replicate both domestic and international patterns of life on training exercises.

In order to do this, Mabway uses Mabnet to log and track every aspect of its employee’s information in a secure way. This is logically stored in Mabnet’s HR module, showing ready availability, and allowing Mabway’s Event Managers to quickly identify and recruit the correct people for an upcoming project regardless of its size.

The easy-to-use Events Planning Module allows the Mabway management team to plan projects with precision ahead of time and make quick amendments in the field. Workers are assigned to a unique or predetermined event position using either the in-built time attendance platform, which logs the user via a swipe in/out card reader functionality, or through the pre-determined set daily rate model.

Mabway also uses Mabnet’s Annual Leave module to track overall availability for work to meet both short and long-term event requirement cycles, allowing it to comprehensively plan and cross-check staffing availability throughout the year.

Mabnet provides reliable ‘report-tracking’ of employee absences which can be created at the touch of a button, allowing Mabway a highly visual means of tracking employee oversight.

Mabnet’s modular functionality enables all of Mabway’s departments - not just HR - to use the system while adhering to current General Data Protection Regulation legislation and practices. The permissions section of the system instantly defines a user’s access rights to categories and fields system-wide. This allows a unique user experience and permits readily defined employee access to information sets, be it HR information, or a specific event, and payroll details. The Mabnet system can be quickly adapted to render accordingly.

Using Mabnet has given Mabway a 360-degree view of all its activities in a rapidly growing environment, which has proved essential when responding to third-party requests for information. Mabway is able to build and portray a highly accurate picture of its large workforce, covering bespoke lengths of time, using Mabnet’s powerful report builder. This has become integral to adopting the best working practice, internally for Management Information (MI) reporting and to any external auditing bodies.

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