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As a central software solution for business management, Mabnet’s modules and applications enable you to log all employee data, assign specific staff to a task or project, track working hours, vary rates and even pay your employees. You can select individual modules to suit your requirements or group them to create a bespoke, fully functioning system.

Mabnet was first developed to assist in training the British Army across various locations, as such, roleplay actors, employed for training simulations, all work on different rates of pay and on different time schedules. Mabnet is the ideal tool for organising large numbers of staff with efficiency, making even the most complex HR issues easy to manage and navigate.

All HR records are stored and accessed via the searchable employee record catalogue, which includes all personal, financial and professional data for each employee.

Our business management system simplifies internal communications and is designed with the user in mind. In today’s world, everyone is so busy that even the most organised people find themselves stressed. In large businesses, this issue is magnified. Mabnet takes the stress out of being organised and offers an easy solution for large corporations to manage their workforce, resources, and customer contracts.

There are currently three modules to choose from to form your package: Resource, Resource and Plan, Resource, Plan and Pay.

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Source the best person for the job and effortlessly store all employee data.


Manage multiple projects on the go, assign specific people to projects and events.


Automate your payroll to prevent inaccuracy and reduce accountancy costs


Mabnet is based on consultation because all businesses have different processes.

The back end architecture allows our experts to amend individual field titles for each module meaning we can create a system built to your specification in your preferred terminology.

We recognise that the look and feel of the online system is imperative to the user experience and we can even include your company logo to our management system.

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HR & Resource Module

A simple database of all employee records, ranging from zero hour contracts to full-time employees, the HR Module has a user-friendly interface and is ideal for broad and specific data searches.

With its ‘smart log-in’ system, data can be hidden or revealed depending upon permissions associated with the user, ensuring data protection. Once inside the system the user can only view information in-line with their system permissions meaning that sensitive information is only visible to those with authority. Users with limited permissions can still produce reports but only in accordance with their access rights making Mabnet a powerful tool in being compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation legislation both internally and externally.

The HR module is easy to navigate. For example, data can be filed in the following categories:

  • Personal Documents
  • Medical
  • Skills
  • ID Card
  • Employee History
  • Annual Leave Calendar

However, these categories aren’t compulsory, with our unique permissions management system, categories and fields can be customised by our consultants to match the way your business operates.

Event Planning Module

The Event Planner allows for seamless planning of projects and events ahead of time. Event location details can even include geo-coordinates for use with Google Maps.

Once a project is set using the Event Planner, you can then assign and notify recruiters or team leaders who can handpick staff directly from the HR Module. Managing projects in this way increases efficiency and productivity, covering everything you need for your event to run smoothly. In addition to this, you can set a pay rate to each staff member, specific to the role or task assigned.

At any stage during your event, you can switch out and substitute staff if they are sick or if a new person needs to take over a particular task. Mabnet’s responsive system allows for optimum flexibility. You can even change a staff member’s rate of pay halfway through an event, and by the end, it will calculate and balance any pay difference.

Additionally, the event calendar allows you to monitor the status of the event as you move through different stages of the project.

Annual Leave Planner

Employee leave requests are quick and easy to manage from individual 'User' dashboards, offering whole-team visibility for any conflicting leave days including sickness, maternity, and training, with space for notes to accompany each request. Once leave is approved by a line manager, an employee will receive confirmation and the remaining leave balance for the year is updated in their own dashboard.

Managers are able to book their own annual leave when required and have access to full reporting functionality through their 'Approver' dashboard. Management of employees is simplified through the ‘Pending Requests’ section, generating an email request to the manager alerting them to a required action to approve or deny leave as required. Additionally, the ‘All Staff Overview’ calendar enables an easy managerial view of employee leave throughout the year, allowing all staff ease of use to handle effective project/event planning and decision making for optimised service delivery.

Whilst the majority of annual leave processes sit with designated ‘Approvers’ and ‘Users’; Mabnets Annual Leave module is built to ensure retained control of individual employee permissions. All annual leave requests can be viewed via the ‘Super User’ dashboard. At any time it is easy to produce meaningful real-time reports on leave, which effectively act as a deterrent for absenteeism and improves overall attendance. Reports can be exported into Excel allowing easy presentation of data in your preferred style.

Mabnet's Annual Leave module is a powerful and highly customisable solution and is the perfect addition to the 'Resource' Module.

Gross Pay & Payroll Module

Mabnet’s Payroll Module works by using the collated time and rates of pay for individual employees assigned to an event. Additional data auch as bonus or travel allowances can also be added to the Gross Pay report.

The module’s interface has different adjustment tools to include hardship pay, deductions, travel expenses and mileage. All relevant data is then combined to form a unique report for each employee.

Coming Soon: Mabnet will soon be able to synchronise the gross pay report with the UKRTI system for automatic net pay calculation within the Payroll Module. The Net Pay Module will also be able to assist in payslip generation.



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